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If you have been charged, or are about to be charged, with criminal offenses including assault, robbery, burglary, or larceny, call the Law Offices of Michael F. Campopiano now. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, but serving all of Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts, the Law Office of Michael Campopiano has years of experience in criminal law cases.

Under Rhode Island state law, robbery is a serious and violent felony and if you have been charged, or are about to be charged with robbery you need to engage a criminal defense attorney without hesitation. If a weapon was used during a robbery and/or a weapon hurt a person during the execution of a robbery, then the potential sentence/fine will be much more severe.

Robbery is considered a much more serious offense that burglary or larceny due to the fact the it involves confrontation with another and it is this person-to-person confrontation that may create situation where the innocent participant in the robbery is coerced against their will due to a threat, or force, used during the execution of the crime.

Carjacking falls into the classification of robbery because it falls into the definition as defined above, a motor vehicle is taken, from a person, through threatening or violent means. Carjacking, like robbery, is considered a serious crime and therefore carries serious penalties.


In Rhode Island the maximum jail time for Robbery is 'Life' in combination with a fine up to $15,000.

Burglary in Rhode Island is, typically, when a person enters a dwelling, unlawfully (without permission), for the purpose of theft and just like Robbery if the crime is conducted while using a weapon the penalties will be much more severe. Theft does not have to occur for the crime to be considered burglary, other crimes such as kidnapping or vandalism can occur during a burglary crime.

In Rhode Island the maximum jail time for a burglary crime is 'Life' and the maximum fine is $20,000.

Larceny / theft in Rhode Island is, typically, the taking of anything of value without the consent of the owner. In Rhode Island there are two classifications of larceny: theft of property valued under $500 or theft of property valued over $500.

The maximum incarceration time for 'Larceny under $500' is 'up to one year in prison' but for 'Larceny over $500' the maximum incarceration time is 'up to 10 years in prison.' In conjunction with jail time, the courts may levy a fine of up to $5,000.

Assault cases

In Rhode Island, assault and battery charges cover a range of crimes each with their own set of penalties and some of which are severe. Battery is considered a serious criminal offense where a person makes physical contact with on another with the intention to create harm.

Physical harm does not have to occur for a crime to be classified as an assault. Any attempt to threaten, or attack, other can be considered assault whereas battery is unwanted physical contact with the intention to harm.

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