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If you have been charged, or are about to be charged, with drunk driving offenses including DUI, DWI, OUI, or breathalyzer refusal and chemical test refusal, call the Law Offices of Michael F. Campopiano now. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, but serving all of Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts, the Law Office of Michael Campopiano has years of experience in criminal law cases, including drunk driving offenses.

The state of Rhode Island must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a DUI offense has been committed Michael Campopiano will defend you by protecting your constitutional rights. There are 4 elements that must hold-up in court for a DUI charge to be successfully prosecuted:

  • The offense must be committed within the State of Rhode Island
  • The State of Rhode Island, per your constitutional rights, must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you committed the offense
  • You must have operated the vehicle
  • You were under the influence
  • In Rhode Island, you cannot be pulled-over by the police, state or municipal, unless they have reasonable suspicion to do so - which means that they must believe that there has been a traffic violation, or a crime has been, or is about to be, committed. Additionally, you cannot be pulled-over because the police were given and anonymous tip.

Criminal defense lawyer Michael Campopiano can defend your DUI/DWI or breathalyzer refusal charge by:

  • Ensuring that any interrogation, with respect to your DUI, occurred after the execution of a Miranda warning
  • Using witnesses such as passengers in your vehicle, the bartender who served you, and anyone was in direct contact with you prior to your arrest
  • Using the the patrol car and/or booking room videos - these videos will provide evidence about the administration of any sobriety test
  • Failure of the administering officer to provide you with a 15 minute observation period, per Rhode Island state law, prior to any testing
  • Inclement weather conditions can contribute to perceived bad driving
  • Pre-existing medical and health conditions
  • Interference of other chemical substances such as ethanol-based products

As you can see, there are many influencing factors that can incorrectly result in a DUI charge. Attorney Michael Campopiano can defend you, so please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. The sooner you engage The Law Offices of Michael F. Campopiano, the more likely it is that we can successfully achieve your desired outcome in your case. We offer free consultations and do everything we can to accommodate your schedule to meet when it is convenient for you. Call us at 401-288-3888 or use the free consultation form on this page to get in touch with us now.